Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Service Craft Enrichment Activity Group

Yvonnie's on the ball and back organising the monthly Service Craft Group.

On the 10th March there will be a picnic at Dodges Ferry Beach via Tiger Head Road.
Please meet at Yvonne's at 11 am.

And on the 14th April

Each sister is to make an Easter Bonnet with all the flowers and frills upon it!

Come to Yvonne's wearing it or bring it in a box.

We are looking forward to getting some photos of both events to post on the blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gourmet girls

Gourmet Girls is happening again this Friday evening at Mary-Anne's house, 7.30 pm.
Come along and learn from each other about nutritious home-made baby food.

What happened on Sunday

1. We missed Rachael who was up north as her brother got married yesterday.

2. We welcomed back Esther and Evelynne who have both been away since late last year - it's nice to have them back with us again. It was also lovely to see Faye with us again who has served for such a long time in Primary and in more recent years in Nursery - it's lovely to have her with us in Relief Society and we hope she felt comfortable and at home after so long serving elsewhere.

3. We also welcomed Lyn (who is just a regular in our ward now!) We also welcomed two sisters who were visiting from the States, one sister who has just finished serving a mission in the Suva Fiji Temple with her husband, the other sister was here with her husband who had served as a missionary 54 years ago in Hobart!!

4. Sister Diana helped us learn more about finding our way around the hymn book which involved a little quiz that was fun to do.

5. Sister Kristy lead us with the lesson taken from Elder Bednar's talk about prayer. She played a song at the beginning of the lesson and another one at the end to help us think about our prayers.

"Prayer becomes more meaningful as we:

1. Counsel with the Lord in all our doings
2. Express heartfelt gratitude
3. Pray for others with real intent and a sincere heart.

I witness that Heavenly Father lives and that He hears and answers every earnest prayer."

A beautiful talk which we hope you will all take the time again to read, to uplift, teach and inspire you and help you as you communice with your loving Heavenly Father each and every day.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you

I can't believe we didn't take a camera on Thursday night to Enrichment Meeting! Everyone did such an amazing job with their presentations, all the tables looked fantastic and everyone had really gone the second-mile with their assignments. We really, really, really appreciate it.

We have so many people to thank and although we will be privately thanking, we also wanted to public thank on the blog all the wonderful people who contributed to our meeting.

1. Thank you to all the sisters who attended. We so appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to come to Enrichment Meeting and so hope and pray that you gain something from coming and feel uplifted and inspired by the time you leave.

2. Thank you to Louella and Lyn who presented 'Kitchen Inspirations' to us. We were overwhelmed by your efforts and all the lovely food and recipes that were produced for us and we all learnt something from your presentation. We also hope Lyn has had some rest since, as the amount of food she presented and cooked was amazing.

3. Thank you to Chris who taught us how to make washing powder for less then 1 cent a load and gave us ideas for a mini first aid kit we can carry with us. Great ideas for storage and 72 hour packs.

4. Thanks to Betty who talked about preparing for death and the important documents we should consider and think about and what we need to have to ease the burdens on our loved ones for the time for us to leave this life comes. (She also made a very beautiful angel!)

5. Thank you to Andrew (and Fran who was hiding!) who taught us about financial preparation and gave us some very thoughtful and timely information. We loved the gold dollar signs pinned up everywhere and yes, we all think you both make such a cute couple!

6. Thanks to Karenne (and Sarah - we missed you Guy!) who talked about vacuum sealing food and different ways of doing this. Hopefully the Stake sealer will be booked out for months to come now as we all busily borrow it to seal our food - but of course, not our pasta!!

7. Thanks to Denise who travelled all the way from the Huon (we are very grateful) with Pam to share all her skill and knowledge when it comes to dehydrating food and we are amazed at all the wonderful produce Denise and her husband not only grows but then dehydrates! Thank you for bringing so much produce to show us and talk about the benefits of dehydrating.

8. Thank you to Miriam who talked about decluttering our homes to help us prepare for the future and we all loved the three bins she had - the throw out, give away or put away bins!
Great and practical tips to help us.

9. Thank you to Wayne (& Bev) who came and talked about preparing us for technology and helping us all to understand a little more about the Stake and Ward Websites and the benefits of accessing them to us and our families.

10. Thanks also to Rachael who spoke about us preparing for the temple and the physical and spiritual things we need to do as we plan trips to the temple.

11. Thank you to Janet and Chris who did all the handouts and reminders for the sisters, who purchased and prepared the handout bags for all the sisters and thank you to the Young Men who helped set up the hall at the end of Mutual with all the tables for us to use the following evening. Thanks to Belle for all her moral support on the evening and her help with setting up and cleaning up. Thank you to all the sisters who helped set up on the Wednesday evening and helped clean up on the Thursday evening. We are very grateful to you all.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Passing of Sister Yvonne Harbeck

Just letting all sisters know that Sister Harbeck passed away Wednesday night. Sister Harbeck was a well-loved, faithful sister of Howrah Ward for many years before she moved to Victoria some years ago. We know those older sisters in our Ward who knew her well will be saddened to hear of her passing and we hope that the many happy memories people have of her will be a comfort at this time.

What happened on Sunday

Sorry this is pretty late this week but thanks to Sister Diana we have a 'what happened on Sunday'.

Welcome, especially to Sister Fran who volunteered to be there for moral support.
Opening hymn: 2 “The Spirit of God” (Music Director: Sis Mari-anna)
Opening Prayer: Sis. Betty
Announcements: Newsletter available, Conference details, Missionary Meal Roster.
5 Minute Music: Sis. Diana; played CD of “More Holiness Give Me”
Lesson 26: “Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith”
Teacher: Sis. Janet
Closing Hymn: 5 “High on a Mountain Top”
Closing Prayer: Sis. Anna

See you all at conference