Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food Life Boat

Miriam has found a link regarding the article that Piret bought to Relief Society last weekend regarding food storage.

Its - hope you find it useful.

Gourmet Girls

Gourmet Girls are happening this week - keep checking the blog - it might be Thursday instead of Friday - we're not sure yet but any enquiries please call Mary-Anne.

Bring a recipe you've always wanted to try but haven't as yet, so everyone gets to try something new.

Gourmet Girls is a great one for all the YSA girls to get involved in and have a bit of fun. Hope to see you all there. Email Mary-ann for any information.

Book Club Information

'The Five People You Meet In Heaven' is the title of the book that will be discussed at the next book club gathering .

As you know the bookclub will generally be meeting on the 1st Thursday of the month. HOWEVER, just for April due to a family birthday on the Thursday, the bookclub will be meeting at Jill's home on Friday 4th April.

Everyone is welcome to come along, even if you haven't read the book and you just want to bring your knitting and listen to everyone talking, you are most welcome to do so.

Any questions or enquiries, please see Jill.

What happened on Sunday

1. We welcomed Karenne from Glenorchy Ward, Louella (Stake Relief Society President), Margaret from Western Australia and Janelle (Rachael's friend) who were all visiting with us today.
2. General Conference will be broadcast on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday at the Stake Centre. Please check the Stake Website for times.
3. 5 Minute music was presented by Piret today. She talked about choir singing in Estonia and the Estonian Choir Festival that is held yearly (I think). Due to technichal difficulties we were unable to see a short video clip Piret was hoping to show but we look forward to seeing it another day.
4. Our lesson was directed by Kristie today entitled "Celestial Marriage" from Elder Russell M Nelson's talk at General Conference last October. We were all given a copy of the Proclamation to the Family and asked to discuss with our neighbour all the areas of the proclamation that are relevant to marriage (nearly every sentence was relevant). This is a beautiful talk and we encourage you all to read it again (or watch it again) and learn the relevance of the principles taught for your own life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The lesson format for this year

Thought because there have been a few changes and a few new faces in our Ward recently we would just update you with the lesson format for the year so that all sisters (those who are presently able to attend relief society and those who are serving in the auxilliaries at the moment but may be in relief society at some future time and those who don't attend church at the moment) will know how the lessons run each week.

1. On the first Sunday of the month a member of the Presidency takes the lesson.

2. On the second Sunday of the month Sadie teaches our lesson from Teachings of Presidents of the Church (Joseph Smith). It's great to have Sadie and Warren back from Cairns to be in our Ward again. Sorry we can't show you a picture of Sadie as she is a little internet shy (ok, a lot internet shy!) So check out her gorgeous face on Sunday.

3. On the third Sunday of the month Piret teaches a lesson from the above manual.

4. On the fourth Sunday of the month Kristie leads the discussion for our Teachings for our Times lesson from a recent Ensign article from one of the apostles.
We are really grateful to all our teachers for their time and effort in preparing lessons for the sisters and for the way they present the topics in an interesting and varied way. Thank you.

What happened on Sunday

1. It was lovely to see Gail (Rach's mum) visiting as well as Lyn (we hardly need to welcome her any more as she is such a regular - and looking so gorgeous and sparkly at the moment!)
2. Not a lot of announcements today. However Miriam has found a massive food storage bargain with large tins of apples and apricots (about 3 kg I think) going for $3 and $4 down at Cygnet. Speak to Miriam if you are interested.
3. Also Piret gave Rachel copies of an article out of the Australian newspaper that was very interesting about preparing for a flu pandemic and the type of foods that would be appropriate to store for 10 weeks (almost the counsel we have been given to have 12 weeks -or three months supply). Well worth reading, please see Rach if you would like a copy. Anna also had some spare copies of the excellent article out of the current Ensign regarding food storage so if anyone needs a copy for those they visit teach or a friend please see Anna in the library.
4. For 5 minute music Diana spoke about the origin of hymn singing - very interesting, I had never even thought of when people first starting singing hymns in church!
5. Piret led us in the lesson today entitled Missionary Service: A Holy Calling, a Glorious Work. Here's a quote from the lesson "Do not be discouraged on account of the greatness of the work; only be humble and faithful...therefore inasmuch as you are to be instrumental in this great work, He will endow you with power, wisdom, might and intelligence, and every qualification necessary.."
6. We missed lots of beautiful faces in Relief Society today. We pray for you all and hope that you know we love you and if we can help you in any way please let us know. Hope to see you next week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What happened on Sunday

Photo courtesy of Flickr
Hi Sisters,

I have no clue what happened at church on Sunday as I was up north. I'm sure it was very quiet without the youth at church but they were being very faithful and diligent attending church, workshops, a satellite fireside, then a fireside and testimony meeting (there was of course also food!) on the Sabbath. I was able to attend their fireside and testimony meeting on the Sunday evening of Youth Convention (I can't believe I missed the Kenneth Cope satellite link-up session they had a hour or so beforehand!)

Just had to let you all know that we have some wonderful youth in our Ward, some who bore sweet testimonies, and the feeling of unity and love that was amongst the youth of both Stakes has to make us all so grateful to live in beautiful Tasmania and feel confident of the growth of the church because of the calibar of these young people. And the weather was perfect all weekend!!

This is the only photo I could find quickly that has a picture of one of our youth, Nathan enjoying the pool activity on Monday (this photo is courtesy of Lisa King's blog, hope you don't mind me putting it on our RS blog Lisa)

Thank goodness many on the mainland don't realise what a goldmine it is to live in Tassie - we're all glad it's the best kept secret (keep those rumours going guys of us being two-headed and in-bred here in Tassie!!)

Pictures from Tuesdays Service Craft Enrichment Group Activity

Good old Diana (I mean that in the nicest possible way - not that I think you are that old mind you!) sent us these photos from the Enrichment Activity on Tuesday.

Here's what Diana had to say about the day:-

"Six sisters and two press-ganged Priesthood drivers enjoyed a pot-luck picnic lunch at the Dodges Ferry park/playground with Sister Irene , where the sun came out on cue. After eating far more than we should have, we salved our consciences by having a lovely walk along the beach together. A fun day was had by all, with much laughter and fellowship."

Thanks Yvonnie for organising these wonderful activities for some of our 'more mature' sisters in the Ward!

We love and appreciate all our wonderful 'oldies'. You put some of us 'younger' ones to shame at times with your energy, commitment, enthusiasm, hard work and testimonies.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Raising Happy and Confident Kids

This is not a relief society endorsed thing but I have come across a Seminar for Parents that will be held on Wednesday 25th March at the Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, 7.30 - 9.30 pm at a cost of $10.00 per person. It is funded by the Australian Childhood Foundation.

This is what it says on the handout about the Seminar:-

"This seminar will assist parents to become positive family leaders and create nurturing and stimulating environments for children.

Through caring and supportive relationships, parents can encourage children to develop skills and confidence to deal with challenging life events.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
  • attributes of resilient children
  • the importance of self esteem
  • understanding the mystery of your child's brain
  • the art, not science of parenting
  • how to grow into the job of parenting

Pat Jewell (who conducts the seminar) has worked in the field of parenting and early childhood for more than 20 years. She is the author of three parenting publications. Her funny and engaging style has made her popular amongst parents. She has lots of practical examples about how children learn and grow in families of all sorts of backgrounds."

You can register by phoning 1800 176 453 .

I haven't been to one of these seminars before but I have heard they are wonderful. Just thought some of the young mothers might like to go along (not that any of you need it!) because it's always good to hear what other people have to say that might help in your own family.

However, just letting you know that you will need to find a baby-sitter for the evening.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What happened on Sunday

Sorry I haven't put this on earlier in the week but this is what happened last Sunday if anyone is interested.

1. We are excited to know that we have 3 more families in our Ward. Steve and Chernoa have moved in, Nikki, Corey & Olivia have moved in and of course Sadie and Warren are back with us after living in Cairns for a year. It's also lovely to have Ev, Dave, Harmony & Jet back after their temporary stay in Burnie and Esther and Minol back from their 3 months in Brazil. Relief Society is full of beautiful babies and toddlers which is always special and fun.

2. Just reminders about our Enrichment Activities for those who are interested:-

Yvonne is organising the Service Craft Group
Jill is organising the Book Club
MaryAnne is organising Gourmet Girls
Wendy is organsing quilting
Miriam is organising the Play Group

Please contact any of the above sisters for information about an activity

3. Barbara shared some comments from the Visiting Teaching Message for the month. Please check it out - it's a beautiful message and plan to go early in the month if possible.

4. Rachael led us in the lesson and talked about the Ward goals, our own Relief Society goals and if you want more details please see Rach (as I left shortly after the lesson started so I can't give you many details!)

Elder Bednar on Prayer

I can't remember how to make the YouTube clip appear on the blog but this is a beautiful clip to watch that is totally relevant to the lesson that Kristy gave several weeks ago. Please take a minute to watch it and be inspired to pray more meaningfully. Just click on the link