Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food Storage Supplier

Hi Sisters,

I was recently very pleased to discover a good supplier of food storage items. We've been asked to share bargains when we find them, so I thought I'd pass this find on to all of you. See the link below:

Food lovers on Albert

This store is next to the Montile tile shop, and supplies bulk nuts, beans, lentils, bread mix, dried fruits, spices, oils, pasta, rice, drinking chocolate etc. Not all Australian made, but well priced.

I liked the fact that so many different non-perishables are displayed in a small storefront area (the bulk of the stock is kept out the back) so it was easy to quickly browse with my 3 kids in tow, and not feel that I had missed anything.

Prices are on the website, and you can email or phone an order through ahead of your visit. I bought basmati rice, chickpeas, red kidney beans, walnuts and marshmallows (hey - I did say my kids were with me didn't I?). The store keeper loaded my car for me, and was happy to let my girls use the store bathroom.

Next time I'll also buy some bread mix too. My favorite Leucke rye mix is $25/10Kg bag, so my typical loaf will cost me only $1.25. I'll probably get more basmati rice, as it has a lower glycaemic index than the other varieties. I paid $21/5kg which is cheaper than the supermarkets already, but noticed today that the Alberts website says $80/80kg. An unbelievable bulk bargain if not a misprint.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What happened this Sunday.

Our lesson this sunday was given by Rachael.  The topic was Testimony.
We discussed some important points relating to our testimonies.  They were:
  • what is a testimony?
  • why is it important to have one?
  • how do we gain one?
  • how do we keep it bright and strong?
A testimony is something we believe, know and have firm conviciton of.  It can give us hope and courage to face the challenges and trials we will face in life.
Gaining a testimony is not simple, it can take a lifetime to build.  However we can gain parts of our testimony along the way.  Begin with a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith.  If we know they are true, then everything else hangs on this knowledge, and we can gain a testimony of more parts of the Gospel as we grow and learn.
Remember that we can help strengthen each other's testimonies as we serve and care for each other, and as we share out testimonies.  Reading the scriptures, praying earnestly and being obedient to the commandments will help us keep our testimonies strong.

In Relief Society today we also had a visit from the missionaries, who shared their testimonies of the restoration and challenged us to pray for opportunities to be a light to those around us and to share the gospel with our friends and families.
Please remember this week to pray for the full time missionaries serving in and from our stake, and to pray for an increased desire to seek out missionary experiences in our own lives.  Our ward missionaries are only too happy to come and offer your family help in doing missionary work.  Ask them how today.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Enrichment Meeting

Well as we wind down to the end of the year we begin to have many events filling up our calendars.
Pleased remember to come along to our next Enrichment Meeting on Thursday 24th September, 7:00 p.m.
Our theme is 'My Body is a Temple'.
Come along and listen as sisters share their experiences of looking after their bodies during the various seasons and trials of life.
How can we make our bodies a temple? Come along and find out.

Please don't forget to invite your VT'ing sisters, and to car pool with those around you or who may not have transport. We'd love to see you all there.

Visiting Teaching Convention

Sisters apologies for the lateness of this post..... Lindy has been released!!

Thank you for attending our Visiting teaching Convention. It is always good to be reminded of the important part we can play in reaching out and touching another sister's heart, lifting a spirit and comforting a soul.
We had a wonderful time working together on our Quilt squares for our Visiting Teaching from the heart quilt. Thank you to all sisters who helped, especially those who shared their time and talents to help us non crafty folk (I mean me....) xoxo
A big thank you also to the service craft group who will be helping to assemble the quilt for Sister Enid.

The 'non crafty' table as we were dubbed. Not to say our efforts weren't fabulous too, we just used fabric pens, iron-on transfers and less sewing....
Miriam, Helen, Helen and Diana all contributing their many craft talents for Enid's quilt.
It's great to see our YSA getting involved.
Rebecca and Louella creating their masterpieces.
Working hard on the 'crafty' table and getting specialist help from Wendy.