Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chapel Cleaning

The Relief Society is responsible for some extra cleaning duties that need to be completed by Saturday 11 July at the chapel.

If you are able to assist us in this please let a member of the presidency know - we would really appreciate it.

Please remember in your prayers

Enid (at the Royal) and Barbara (at Calvary) are both in hospital at the moment, and we know they would both appreciate your prayers on their behalf.


We are having our July Meeting at the home of Kristie Mitchell, this Thursday 2 July at 7:30pm. Please bring a plate of something to share and ideas for our next book selection. Anyone is welcome to come along, even if you haven't read the book, and the Book Club is a great activity to invite friends/neighbours to.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you for fasting

Thank for to those who fasted with the Relief Society Presidency on Sunday - we appreciate your love and support - Alma 6:6.

President Marion G. Romney once said after quoting Moses 1:39, "..should not our whole purpose in this life, therefore, be made up of righteous service one to another? If not, how can we ever hope to be as he is?"

What happened on Sunday

1. Thanks to all the sisters who attended Relief Society on Sunday.
2. There is a Young Married Fireside at the Stake Centre the first Sunday in July, 7 pm.
3. Diana played a beautiful relaxing piece of music for 5 minute music - hope it maybe wafted down to Primary and through to Young Womens to uplift all.
4. The lesson was from Chapter 33 of the Joseph Smith Manual, The Spiritual Gifts of Healing, Tongues, Prophecy, and Discerning of Spirits. Here are some of the main points:-

(a) The sick may be healed through faith and the exercise of priesthood power, according to the Lord's will
(b) The purpose of the gift of tongues is to teach the gospel to others.
(c) Though only one man speaks as the prophet of the Church the spirit of prophecy enables all to testify of Jesus Christ.
(d) The gift of discerning of spirits allows the faithful to distinguish between the influence of good and evil spirits.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special Fast this Sunday

The Relief Society Presidency will be fasting on Sunday for Connie, who is investigating the church at the moment. If you would like to join with us in fasting and praying for Connie please feel free to do so. For more information please speak to a member of the presidency.

Thank you.

What happened on Sunday

1. We seem to have lovely visitors coming every week which is so nice, but I've lost my piece of paper from Sunday so I can't remember everyone's names - sorry. Actually I think I can remember, we had Dianne visiting and Brodie (Jill's daughter) with us again. I hope I haven't missed anyone.
2. We also welcomed Bethany to our Ward, it is really exciting to have her and Joel in the Ward and we know everyone will make them feel comfortable.

3. Announcements - the Winterwonderland Ward Activity will be held on the 18th July and Dean is looking for lots of talented people to come forth to provide acts for the evening and hey, let's face it, he'll probably take even untalented people!!! So let's hope he is inundated with something!

4. No 5 minute music today - sorry Diana but we are looking forward to next week.

5. Sadie led us in the lesson today and chose to show us a CES fireside by Elder Holland that went along with the lesson from the Joseph Smith Manual. It went for 40 minutes which was why we couldn't fit in 5 minute music today. It's always great to listen to an apostle of the Lord.
Thanks Sadie.

6. There's quite a bit of sickness around at the moment, please check on your Visiting Teaching sisters and let a member of the presidency know if anyone needs some extra help. Thanks for all you do to care for the sisters you are responsible for.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mel & Saro's special day

Does this couple look happy or not !
- these are the photos taken after Mel & Saro were sealed for time and all eternity in the Melbourne Australia Temple last Thursday. It was a beautiful day - Mel & Saro arrived at the temple gates at 7 am and waited 1/2 hour before the first temple workers arrived to open the gate - but what a blessing, it was Brother Mitz who was to be the sealer that day in the temple and so they were able to meet him before they were in the Sealing Room.
Aren't they just so cute!
So glad you were able to be sealed when some of us from the Ward could be there! It was a special occasion for us all.

I love to see the Temple

Melbourne Australia Temple
Rosny Relief Society Sisters outside Melbourne Temple

Sisters & Brothers from Rosny Ward with Melbourne Temple in the background

Our group outside the Temple doors

Ben & Kristy at the Temple

Bron in the Temple grounds

What a special experience it was for those of us who were able to attend the Melbourne Temple last week. After a very early start on Wednesday morning (some were up at 3 pm feeding babies before catching the 6 am flight!) and a LONG bus trip from the airport to the Temple everyone was able to enjoy at least 5 sessions over the two days. The feeling of love and unity amongst the group was really special and we were treated so well by all the wonderful temple workers. Of course the highlight of the trip was having the whole group being together in an endowment session as Mel received his endowment and then in the Sealing Room we were all blessed to witness the sealing of Mel and Saro.

What a blessing it is for us to have a temple that is within reach -
28 years ago it cost approximately $3,500.00 to make the trip to New Zealand,
this year each sister spent less than $200.00 to travel to the temple.

What happened on Sunday

1. More lovely visitors with us today in Relief Society - lovely to see Amy from Launceston in our Ward as well as Carmen & Kristy from Sydney and Brody, Fiona's sister with us also.
2. We missed having our Visiting Teaching message from Sister Barbara and we do hope she is feeling better soon.
3. The lesson today was led by Miriam (as Rachael was sick) who did a great job talking about Covenants. We read from the Gospel Principles manual as well as an old Relief Society manual that both had some clear information about covenants. We talked about the different covenants we make as members of the church.
4. It was also nice to have the Young Women with us for the beginning part of the lesson.