Monday, December 29, 2008


The BYU Women's Conference CDs have been found. (Don't you just love that clean-up after Christmas!) If you are still interested in watching any of the talks please see Lindy as they are in her church bag. I think there was a fair bit of interest in Sister Lant and Sister Farnsworth talk on "My Body is the Temple My Father Gave to Me: Teaching Children Virtue and Chastity". Come and collect it on Sunday if interested.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What happened on the last Sunday in 2009

1. We missed Rachael today who is away with her family visiting family! And also Miriam who was called into work.

2. It was lovely to see Helen visiting with us today, as well as Kath back on holidays, and also Kate from Melbourne who is here visiting with her family.

2. Just a reminder to everyone that the missionary meal roster is on the noticeboard for those who are in a position to feed the missionaries at some stage in January.

3. For music time today Sister Diana shared with us 2 christmas carols that are little known but originated in Austria and performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Beautiful.

4. Our lesson was lead by Sister Kristy today taken from the talk at the Saturday Morning Session of General Conference in April this year by Elder Russell M Nelson entitled Salvation & Exaltation. The difference between Salvation and Exaltation were discussed and each sister was given a handout to help us discuss the differences. Sadly, the lesson ended rather abruptly because of a fire drill. Thank you Kristy for your lesson today.

5. Just letting the sisters know that the Young Women will be with us next week in Relief Society for the whole lesson time - should be good.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to the Page and Leger Families

For the Page and Leger families who have recently sent sons into the missionary field (and half-way across the world) we thought you might like to see how your sons spent Christmas this year.

Elder Page performing magnificently on a very old, flat and without a working pedal piano (of course he did a brilliant job as well - even played one of his own compositions - you would be very proud of your son Sister Page, worth all those hours of encouraging him to practice, a great blessing to us all here - his music invites the Spirit, uplifts his companion and brings tears to the eyes of those who listen).
Enjoying a warm Christmas Night - Elder Leger is going a great job in his first area and enjoyed watching his companion!
They both said it didn't feel like Christmas because there was no snow!! Elder Page was even sunburnt on Christmas Day! They got to spend some time with families on Christmas Eve, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or tea-time) on Christmas Day so hopefully they felt the spirit of Christ in the different homes they were in. They even got to play a bit of cricket!! (sorry didn't get photos).

Thanks for sharing your sons with us here in Tassie - they are both lovely boys who are doing a great job as missionaries.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

OWN UP NOW - YOU CAN DO IT - send us a comment!

OK, just for a bit of Christmas fun and good-will we would love to hear from EVERYONE who is checking out our blog - yes, that's right, even those priesthood who normally wouldn't admit to such a thing, we want you to send us a post at this Christmas time just to say hello!!!

Come on now, don't be shy, you can do it.

Let us know you are out there.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you will send us a quick hello at this time.

Thanks for remembering our missionaries

Thank you to all the families who have fed the missionaries this month. Elder Payne finally left us a week or so back and we wish him well in his new assignment on the mainland. We now have Elder Page and Elder Ledger with us and so far they have been really well fed.

If anyone can do anything over the next week or so to lift their spirits, feed their souls or their tummies (or both) we hope you will do so. They are a long way from home, both experiencing their first Christmas away from loved-ones. Praying for them also will bless them.

We also hope you have remembered the missionaries serving from our Ward:- Brett, Scott and Tyler. It's always nice to receive a card or letter from someone at home.

Thank you so much sisters for all you do for these faithful and righteous young men who are striving to serve the Lord with all their hearts, might, mind and strength.

Here's an inspiring Christmas message from missionaries all over the world.

What happened on Sunday

1. It was lovely to welcome Sonya (Jill's daughter in law), Lucy (Diana's daughter in law), Emma from Glenorchy Ward and Cathy visiting us from New Zealand (Heather's friend).

2. It was especially exciting to have Leah with us in Relief Society for the first time since turning 18!!! Yeah! Thanks for coming Leah, hope you enjoyed it.

3. We wished all the birthday girls in December a happy birthday - even though only Leah and Jill were blessed enough to have us sing to them!!! (No one else was there at that stage). So happy birthday to Zanny, Josephine, Betty and Chris who all have birthdays in December (as well as Mildred but we got to sing to her last week).

4. For 5 minute music Diana handed out a Christmas song quiz that Kristy had made up for a Ward activity she had organised at some stage in England - I think. Thanks Kristy it was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. If any Primary or Young Women workers are interested in a copy just let Lindy know and she can email it to you. Everyone received a candy cane for participation.

5. Piret lead us in the lesson today which was Lesson 18 "Beyond the Veil: Life in the Eternities". We talked about the 3 degrees of glory, the fact that Joseph Smith has revealed to us that we don't just end up in 'heaven' or 'hell' (Piret did a fun illustration of this with Marianna and Bek). And we talked about the scripture in John that says 'In my Father's house are many mansions.' How blessed we are to have revelation from the Prophet Joseph Smith that has enlightened our minds and broadened our understanding of the eternal nature and direction of man.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Remembering Missionaries this month

Elder Page and Elder Payne just about to pick (and eat) some beautiful Tasmanian cherries
Please spare a thought for our missionaries this month - those serving from our Ward and those who are within our Ward boundaries.

It looks like we will be farewelling Elder Payne this week as he has been in our Ward for so long now but hopefully Elder Page will stay and of course his companion will be someone who is new to the area. We know it is Elder Page's first Australian Christmas and it may be for his companion also. Please spare a moment to do something special to help lift their spirits and strengthen them at this special Christmas season when they are so far away from family and friends.
Elder Page just about to eat his first piece of flathead - Elder Payne on the left
We know not all sisters can invite the missionaries to share a meal with them in their homes but hopefully we can all do something to make this Christmas special and memorable for them.

I know how grateful I was (and am) to those who feed, cared for and loved my sons when they were serving their missions, particularly at Christmas time.

Let's give our missionaries a good Aussie Christmas.

The wonderful month of December

It's this lovely Christmas season and how grateful we are for peace and plenty in this lovely place in which we live.

Kristy has sent us a lovely Christmas video for us all to enjoy. Check it out at Thanks for sharing it with us all Kristy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

For Kristy's family

This is the striped jelly in the process of being made (it was full to the top with different colours and looked great)

Kristy's striped jelly was a major hit with all the sisters at Enrichment last night. This dish is a christmas tradition that was part of Kristy's growing up and she made an enormous bowl to share with everyone.

I am sorry to say that I didn't get a photo of it because it was all eaten before I had a chance to snap a shot.!!! I think Kristy spent most of supper time explaining to sisters how to make it.

Hope you all had a nice thanksgiving - we're thankful Kristy is part of our Ward family and shared a family tradition with all of us. We hope she enjoyed her Thanksgiving here in Tassie.

PS Here is a photo of Kristy's quilt she made at the Quilting Enrichment Activity - hasn't she done a great job!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

No one person was responsible for making last night a lovely evening for those sisters who attended. We are very grateful for all those who helped make it a great night.

We especially wanted to thank the extremely hardworking Enrichment Committee - thank you so, so much Janet and Chris. We had so many meetings, they put in so many hours of work, and we really appreciate it.

Thanks for all those sisters who provided recipes and then cooked those recipes for us to taste on the evening. Thanks also for those who bought a plate of supper even when they were asked. (We have some fantastic, giving sisters in our ward.)

Thank you to Simone who created our wonderful recipe book and made it unique and personal. Thank you to Brother Jim who photocopied 40 copies of the 14 Day Walk with Christ and printed 40 copies of the coloured front cover.

Thanks to Diana for provided (at her own expense) the delicious drink for the evening and it was nice to know Sister Harbeck is still very much thought of in our Ward (as not only the drink was Sister Harback's recipe but so was the shortbread!).

Above you will see two of our gorgeous YSA girls - thanks for coming girls. (We'll get you next time Rach)

Miriam's smocked Christmas balls
Thank you to all the sisters who provided demonstrations for the evening. Great job - interesting, informative, well-prepared and presented. Thank you Janet, Chris, Yvonne, Jill, Maryanne and Miriam.

Mary-Anne's christmas candle

Jill's gingerbread houses
Yvonne's little gnomes (Noel & joy)
Chris' colourful gift wrapping ideas
Janet's inexpensive homemade gift ideas
Thanks to Peggy for helping us exchange our christmas gifts in a fun way.
Thanks to the Primary workers (and Kobie and Kia) for singing such a beautiful song to lift our spirits. Thanks to Fiona and Rachael for playing the piano at very short notice.
Thank you to Chris for provided literally hundreds and hundreds of lights to make the hall look fantastic and all her hard work in setting up.

Thanks to our Relief Society president and all her willing little helpers who support us so much.

Thanks to all the brethren who encouraged and supported their wives to enable them to come along.
Thanks to all those who helped us pack up and enabled us to get home before midnight! We really appreciate it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miriam's thoughts on Stake Website


I just registered for the stake website (which is replacing the “Vision” publication and probably the stake calendar).

It is amazing. I couldn’t believe what I found: calendar info, membership contact details, the RS lesson schedule and some great official LDS links.

How do you register for access to this exclusive and completely useful site?

obtain your baptismal confirmation date and membership number (see your temple recommend or the ward Clerk)
go to
click on “Obtain an account”
enter the information requested and “submit”

The level of security on this site appears very sound. I am totally impressed: I especially like the fact that I can happily lose track of most of my Sunday bits of paper and access the information from the internet instead. Brilliant!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Enrichment Meeting
7 pm
Rosny Chapel
27 November

Please bring a small, inexpensive gift to exchange

What happened on Sunday

1. We had some lovely YSA visitors, Emma, Jess and Rachael, from up north with us.

2. We reminded everyone about Enrichment Meeting on Thursday, 27 November at 7 pm at the Chapel. Please bring a small, inexpensive gift to exchange on the night.

3. Quilting group is meeting this Thursday evening (that wasn't announced today but they are!!)

4. 5 Minute Music with Diana - we were all asked to find our favourite scripture, find the basic theme of the scripture and then turn to page 415 in the hymn book and find a hymn that went with our scripture. Some sisters shared their scriptures and related hymn with the class.

5. Piret led us in the lesson today entitled "Revelation and the Living Prophet". She spoke about the great blessing we have in the church of having a living prophet. "We sustain the President of the Church and other church leaders by praying for them and heeding their counsel." A powerful lesson and her testimony at the end was a spiritual highlight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Playgroup Activity

Hi all,

Playgroup for this week is to be held at Rosny McDonalds on Thursday 13th November from 10:00am.

Come along and enjoy some adult company as the kids let loose on the play equipment.



Sunday, November 9, 2008

What happened on Sunday

1. We had the beautiful Primary Presentation today - the children did a wonderful job (so did their leaders). It was a spiritual feast for us.

2. A reminder that our last Enrichment Meeting will be held on Thursday 27 November at the Chapel at 7 pm. Please bring a small gift to exchange on the night. We would love to see all sisters attend.

3. The enrichment activities will all conclude this month and will commence again in the new year. Check out the blog for more details.

4. The service craft group will meet this Tuesday at Yvonnie's and will commence again in February.

5. Diana helped us understand some of the 'old-fashioned' words in some of our hymns by giving us all a little quiz to do.

6. Miriam lead us in the lesson and I hear she did a wonderful job and the spirit was felt strongly. (I had the blessing of looking after Hannah who snuggled into my arms and went to sleep).

(Hey Ev, bring back some great ideas from Burnie to share with us in Relief Society please).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pictures of Halloween Party at Kirsty's home

Here's some cute photos of the children who attended the Halloween Party held recently at and hosted by Kristy. It looks like it was heaps of fun.

Bron's Choc 'n Chat 'n Chill

Thanks Bron for organising this for Thursday evening. For those who missed out don't forget to check the blog regularly!!!

Here's what Bron had to say about the evening.

"This was was a feast of goodies in the end and we had fun with Sing star...apparently Miriam needs some lessons singing..according to sing star...hee...its just she was being all creative with her harmonising and the sing star couldn't handle it...we loved it Looking forward to the next one"


So sorry sisters this has taken so long to be published - it's nearly a month since our Visiting Teaching Workshop and Rach wrote a lovely blurb and sent all these photos to be put on but I had a middle-aged computer blank with putting the photos into the blog!! I have FINALLY pinned my husband down (it can be really difficult sometimes) who only had to sit down with me for 30 seconds and the problem was solved - so after that very long-winded introduction here comes the post on the Visiting Teaching Workshop held last month.
">We had a lovely evening on Thursday night for the Visiting Teaching Workshop and dinner.
It was wonderful to see so many sisters there, enjoying the meal and each other's company.
We began the evening with an item from our beautiful YSA choir who sang 'The Olive Tree'. It was the perfect way to open the meeting. (Sorry I didn't get a photo of that)

Dinner was simple yet lovely, thank you to all who helped, especially those who volunteered to do dishes!!!

Our theme for the evening was 'Feed my Sheep'. We spoke of the importance of being nourished ourselves before we can nourish others - physically and spiritually. The Saviour fed His disciples physically, then He fed them spiritually as He taught them the Gospel. As Visiting Teachers we need to be mindful of feeding our sheep (our sisters) and being worthy of the Holy Ghost as our companion so we can serve more effectively.

I encourage you all to continue the wonderful service you provide through your Visiting Teaching. To those who struggle with their assignments, have a go, do your best, the Lord will bless you and provide a way if you try.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's happening on Sunday

What’s happening next Sunday?

Our second Sunday lesson for November is Lesson 15 (Establishing the Cause of Zion) from the “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church – Joseph Smith” Lesson manual. You can also find this at the following link:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Luck for the Primary Presentation

We know that you have all put in a lot of work in preparation for Sunday and look forward to enjoying the beautiful spirit of the children in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. We can't wait to hear the stirring 'new' song that sometimes wafts up through the ceiling into the Relief Society room - it sounds so beautiful. Thank you to all the Relief Society sisters who serve so faithfully in the Primary organisation.

PS Of course we can't forget the dedicated brother also! Sorry Paul.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gourmet Girls

This Gourmet Girl has been a bit slack of late. We do plan to have a Sushi making evening but this probably won't be until some time in the new year.

There won't be a Gourmet Girls gathering this Friday evening. But Gourmet Girl Bron is having a chocolate night at her place on Thursday. Bring something chocolaty to share. Contact Bron if you would like more information.

What happened on Sunday

1. It was great having Ev back in Relief Society (even though it's only for a brief moment!)
2. Don't forget the Stake Relief Society Fireside this Saturday evening at the Stake Centre. Please wear Sunday attire. 7pm start. If you want to car pool please let a member of the Relief Society presidency know.
3. Our Ward Enrichment Meeting will be held on Thursday 27 November, 7 pm at the chapel. Please remember to bring a small gift to exchange.
4. Our lesson was about 'being prepared'. There are lots of things we need to be prepared for. Rachael spoke about being prepared to enter the House of the Lord and Miriam spoke about being prepared for our lessons.

Have you missed us?

WE HOPE SO!!!! There we were thinking we were a very techno-savvy Relief Society Presidency but our techno knowledge only goes so far!!! Miriam wrote a great 'what happened on Sunday' post but we just can't seem to get it posted!!!!! We are hoping from techno-savvy YSA can help us work out what we have done wrong! We will keep trying - thanks for your patience.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What happened on Sunday?

1. Lots of announcements - please refer to previous posts, all the information is there about upcoming General RS broadcast, Stake Fireside, and Ward Enrichment night.
2. We discussed Lesson 14 'Words of Hope and Consolation at the time of Death' from the Joseph Smith manual. It's a wonderful lesson to read, with many uplifting messages for us all. One quote from the lesson reads "..we have reason to have the greatest hope and consolation for our dead.." A message from the lesson when talking about the death of children reads "..the only difference between the old and young dying is, one lives longer in heaven and eternal light and glory than the other, and is freed a little sooner from this miserable, wicked world.." We are blessed to be able to have a feeling of hope as we mourn the loss of loved ones because of the knowledge of an eternal life. How blessed we are.

Service Craft Enrichment Activity Group's trip to the Penninsula

On Tuesday 14 October, seven sisters from the ward drove to Nubeena to visit Sister Jean who lives at the end of a steep road on a hill overlooking the entire bay.

Jean was delighted to see us and to show us the beautiful view from her cottage on what was a beautiful day. We shared lunch and memories together, with our chatter almost drowned out by the rooster in the backyard who was trying to control his “girls”. For some, it was a first trip to the Peninsula area which has regained much of its famous green lushness, so it was a very pleasant trip for all. The attached photo shows the group outside Jean’s cottage.

Photo Left to Right: Saro, Jean G, Jean, Ann, Yvonne, Anna and Jill.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

If you watch this watch to the end - Visiting Teaching

This is a bit of fun, but please watch to the end because the message is found at the end of the video. After such a great spirit at our Visiting Teaching Workshop we don't need to worry about this type of visiting teaching but it's always a good reminder. As I read one comment on this little video it said:- "Well at least they are visiting teaching, the biggest problem is those that don't go at all!" We are blessed in our Ward to have sisters who do their visiting teaching - thank you so much. Happy Visiting Teaching!

Food Storage Bargains

Some time ago Miriam gave me some information about Bread Mixes and flour that can be purchased from Roberts Ltd in town, 2 Collins Street, Hobart.

My apologisies for not including this earlier. Hope it is helpful to you with your food storage goals.

Plain bakers$18.50

They also stock 5 kg (which makes 10 loaves) and 12.5 kg (which makes 25 loaves) PRE MIX which ranges in price from $12.50 - $27.15, depending on the type of bread you wish to make.

Roberts Ltd also stocks bulk packs of washing powder.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

General Relief Society Broadcast

We will be able to have the opportunity to meet with other sisters in the Stake on Sunday 26 October at 7 pm (that's next Sunday) at the Stake Centre to view the General Relief Society Broadcast. See you there!

Christmas Enrichment Meeting

Christmas Enrichment Meeting is coming up on Thursday 27 November at 7 pm at the chapel. If you do have a recipe you would like to share with the sisters in our Ward that is part of your family tradition at christmas time please give to either Janet or Lindy by the end of October.

As part of that evening we are also asking that everyone bring a small gift to exchange on the night - if you wish it can be homemade but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Please do not spend more than $5.00. (Some suggestions: a sweet smelling bar of soap, a jar of homemade jam, some tasty nibbles).

We look forward to gathering together for our last event of the year.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sydney Australia Temple

From next year when visiting the Sydney Australia Temple you will no longer be able to hire clothing at the Temple. This means that you will need to take your own temple clothing when attending any Temple in Australia.
We also understand that from the end of March next year temple clothing will no longer for offered for 'first-timers' at half-price. So if you haven't purchased temple clothing as yet please be mindful of this. It will certainly save you dollars if you purchase your clothing before the end of March 2009.
This information has kindly been given to us by Lynda and Juanita who visited the temple last week.


We are looking forward to seeing all the sisters Thursday night at the chapel for our Visiting Teaching Workshop. Here are the details:-

Visiting Teaching Dinner & Workshop
Thursday 16 October
6.30 - 8.00 pm

A meal will be served as well as some brief presentations and songs etc.


General Conference Broadcast

We hope you feel uplifting and inspired after the sessions you could attend over the weekend. What a blessing it is in our lives to be able to watch all four sessions of conference as well as to view the presentation on President Monson's life.

We hope that if you were unable to attend all the sessions of conference over the weekend that you might borrow the DVD's from the library and share them with your families and then when we receive the November Ensign we can all be reminded of the things we learnt from prophets and apostles over this last weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What to bring for Quilting Enrichment Activity this month

Everyone will need to bring on the night (30th November) the following:

Pair of sharp scissors
Sewing machine (if they have one)
Tan or light brown thread
Hand sewing needle

Plus 2 fat quarters to make a top and trousers (or dress) to start with.

Wendy has stuffing sticks and is organising the calico, stuffing and paint for the hair so we can reimburse her on the evening. She doesn't think we'll get the clothes made on the first night but bring the material for the clothes just in case.

How to Gain the Most from General Conference

Miriam provided the following information for us all to help us enjoy the blessings of General Conference:

How To Gain the Most from General Conference
1-Make Personal Spiritual Preparation
2-Listen Carefully to the Speakers and the Spirit
3-Diligently Study the Conference Issue of the Ensign
4-Hearken to the Words of the Prophets and the personal promptings you receive

Consider if any of the following suggestions would help you enjoy general conference all year round:

1. Purchase extra copies of the conference issue of the Ensign—one for each member of your family. Encourage those old enough to read a bit each day and to mark favourite passages.
2. Download conference talks (from onto your mp3 player or other audio-listening device and listen to them while you clean house, commute to work, walk the dog, or workout.
3. As part of your Sabbath day worship, watch one conference talk as a family, either on DVD or through the Internet.
4. Use conference talks for family home evening lessons. Read the Ensign article, Learning from Conference (October 2007, page 30), for specific inspiration on using general conference talks for family home evening.
5. Copy some of your favourite conference talk passages onto 3x5 cards and put them where you can easily read them.
6. Carry a conference issue of the Ensign with you to church so you can refer to it when someone mentions a particular talk or when someone’s talk or lesson reminds you of something you learned in conference that you’d like to share.
7. Revisit the stories told in conference with your children. Consider Elder Bednar’s story of making pickles (“Ye Must Be Born Again,” Ensign, May 2007, 19), Elder Wirthlin’s story of Snowman, the old gray gelding who became a champion jumping horse (“The Abundant Life,” Ensign, May 2006, 99) or any one of President Monson’s many engaging and heartfelt stories.
8. Encourage family members to use conference talks as a primary resource when preparing sacrament meeting talks.
9. Informally discuss what you have learned from conference talks with your spouse, your children, parents, siblings, around the dinner table, or even online.
10. Record your impressions of conference talks in your journal. As you write, contemplate questions such as these: How can I liken this conference talk to my life? What blessings have come when I have applied a particular general conference talk to my life?

Internet resources: including printable activities for General Conference (colouring in etc.)

What happened on Sunday

1. General Conference broadcast will be held next Saturday and Sunday at the Stake Centre.

Saturday Sessions:-
2 - 4 pm for Saturday AM session
5 - 7 pm for Saturday PM session
8 - 10 pm for Priesthood session
Sunday Sessions:-
11 - 12 noon 'On the Lord's Errand: The Life of President Thomas S. Monson'
12 - 2 pm Sunday AM session
3 - 5 pm Sunday PM session

2. Visiting Teaching Dinner & Workshop will be held on Thursday 16 October, 6.30 pm at the Chapel. We invite all sisters to attend.
3. Service Craft Enrichment Activity held on the 14 October starts at 10.00 am not the usual 12 noon - please see Sister Yvonne for more details.
4. Stake Relief Society Activity/Fireside will be held on 8th November, 7 pm at the Stake Centre. More details to come.
5. Barbara shared the Visiting Teaching message for this month - all about our divine potential as daughters of God.
6. The lesson today focused on our preparation for General Conference next week. Miriam provided a handout to help us gain the most from General Conference. This will be provided on a separate post for sisters to view.
7. Some beautiful testimonies were shared that uplifting and edified.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Food Storage Bargains

Woolworths this week have baked beans and spaghetti on special - it works out to be 80cents a can (I just bought 40 cans last week at KMart for 99cents a can!).

Also large cans of fruit (the picture is just to make this post look pretty, it's not the actual brand you can buy!) are $1.99 - they are not often on sale for that price now, so it would be worth grabbing some because I don't think we will be able to purchase them for this price for much longer.

Put this date in your diary now!

THURSDAY 27 NOVEMBER, 7 PM at Rosny Chapel we will be holding our Christmas Enrichment Meeting for all sisters.

This is our hard-working committee, full of ideas and enthusiasm, making plans and in the process of organising our last Enrichment Meeting for the year.

We look forward to inspiring you and uplifting you all to help you have the best Christmas ever.
"Christmas is a time to share,
A time to love and a time to care,
For the Savior came to earth,
Let us celebrate His birth."


Just a reminder about the Visiting Teaching Workshop to be held on Thursday 16th October. Come and be physically and spiritually fed.

This dinner and workshop is for all sisters. Even if you haven't done your visiting teaching for a while please come along and be inspired.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What happened on Sunday

1. It was great to have lots of lovely visitors in our Ward today. We hope you all felt welcome. It was also lovely to have Sister Lee with us and our Stake Relief Society Presidency. They all bring a special spirit with them.
2. Visiting Teaching Workshop will be held on Thursday 16th October (so keep posted for a new date for Quilting in October)
3. Please remember Barbara in your prayers at this time. Don's funeral will be held at the Chapel at 2 pm Monday.
4. Could you also please remember Charmaine, Heather and Karenne who are, or will be shortly, in hospital and will need our prayers to help them at this time.
5. Sister Louella shared a brief message with us about missionary work (a reminder of the lesson the Stake presented in our Ward a few weeks ago at Ward Conference) and asked us how we were going praying for the courage to share the gospel - how are we going?
6. Sister Diana in 5 minute music spoke about Elder McConkie last testimony of the Savior, she read some of it, and then we sang the last verse of the hymn he wrote "I Believe in Christ". The spirit was very strong.
7. Sister Kristy shared the lessson today about testimonies from a talk by Elder Oaks. She quotes from Elder Oaks 'A testimony of the gospel is not a travelogue, a health log, or an expression of love for family members. It is not a sermon. President Kimball taught that the moment we begin preaching to others, our testimony is ended.' We discussed the steps in getting a testimony, and the importance of sharing our testimonies. She suggested we read this talk at home. Please do so, there is a powerful message in this talk for us all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rag Dolls

Here are the photos of the dolls we will be making at the quilting group. To begin with we will be making the simple rag doll that is suitable for little ones to play with (as per the boy photo, you can make a girl version if you wish). After that we may progress to the more advanced 'show' model that is better to just be on display and 'loved' from a distance rather than chewed and thrown about and stomped on!