Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food Storage Bargains

A bargain of the week can be found at No Frills (out in Gormanston Road Moonah) where Devondale Long-Life Milk is selling for 99 cents per litre. The expiry date on the milk is April next year. Anyone can shop at No Frills, if it's your first time just fill in a form when you arrive and you can purchase your goods on the way out. They give you a card that you just need to bring with you each time you shop there.
Also Chickenfeed is selling Sunlight washing up liquid (425ml) - 2 for $2.00. And Chemist Warehouse is selling a packet of 100 paracetemol for $1.99 - that's a massive saving.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gourmet Girls Club meets this Friday 7 pm

Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along to Rachael's on Friday evening. We are having a demonstration of a true blue homemade apple pie from scratch with Ann and also a demonstration of a sticky date pudding made in the microwave by Rachael. Please bring along a decadent dessert for everyone to have a small sample of, plus the recipe of course.

Food Storage Bargains

OK sisters we are starting a new segment on the blog to help those who are struggling to begin, maintain or increase their food storage supply. (If you can think of a more exciting title please let us know!). When we find out about any bargains around town we will post them for you so that we can all be blessed!

This week our bargain is from Woolworths. Homebrand skim milk powder (which was around $9.00 a few weeks ago) has gone down to just under $5.00 for a kg packet. It may not stay at this price for long so if you need skim milk powder buy it now! Also it is cheaper to purchase it like this than in a 25 kg bag at present.

Also late last week KMart at New Town were selling Bi-Lo 410g cans of fruit for 2 cents each!!! Yes, that's right, not sure if it is still that price but hey you could buy 3 months supply for less than $5.00!!

If you hear of a bargain around town that is worth posting just let us know! (Hope everyone got butternut pumpkins from Island Markets several weeks ago for 9 cents a kilo!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Enrichment Meeting

Thanks to all the wonderful sisters who braved the dark, cold, wintery night to join together for Enrichment Meeting.
Kristy got to experience one of her first drinks of hot milo and learnt lots of different ways to enjoy milo!

Everyone participated in everything that was offered on the night

Everyone who exercised with Janet even learnt how to exercise sitting down!!!

Lots of graceful movements by young and old!
Tao Bo downstairs with Bek was action packed and hard work for any age!

Some chose to sit and relax together. There was a lovely, relaxed feeling, everyone shared together, helped each other, ate, socialised, exercised and considered ways we could reach goals we wanted to achieve.

Then we did some relaxation, pondered, heard some quotes from prophets about meditation and then ate some more. Thanks to all the sisters who provided food, classes, helped clean up and came - we really appreciate it.
(Sorry not all sisters are in the photos, I'm a lousy photographer and most of them were blurry)

What happened on Sunday

1. We welcomed all the 'Sister Johnsons' who were visiting with their husband and father. Brother Johnson was a missionary here back in the 70's and has visited several times since with members of his family. It was lovely to have them with us.
2. Stake Conference is next weekend - 10th & 11th August (so no meetings will be held at Rosny Chapel). Please advise those sisters you visit or contact. Meeting times are on the notice board.
3. The Gourmet Girls club meet on Friday evening, 7 pm at Rachael's home. Please bring along a decadent dessert for everyone to sample.
4. The family history day being held at the Stake Centre is on August 2nd. Please register for any classes you wish to attend.
5. A BIG thank you was given to all the sisters who attended Enrichment Meeting on Friday evening and particularly those who helped out in ANY way - we REALLY appreciated it.
6. Sister Dawn shared with us her favourite hymn "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy" and told a great story about some young men travelling on a train singing that song. Talk to her if you want to hear it all.
7. Sister Kristy taught our lesson and I had the great pleasure of looking after Julia so I can't give you a written report about the lesson - all I can tell you is that Julia is such a sweetie and Saro eventually got her to sleep just before 12 midday (I can see Saro and I will be fighting over who is going to babysit every month now!!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BYU Womens Conference

If anyone would like to watch any of the talks from the BYU Women's Conference that was held in May of this year Lindy has access to the DVDs so please contact her if you would like to borrow them. These are the talks:
1. Strengthening Thy Stakes: Standing Strong and Immovable in Faith (Julie B Beck)
2. My Body is the Temple My Father Gave to Me: Teaching Children Virtue and Chastity
(Ann Farnsworth and Cheryl C. Lant)
3. A Partnership of Equals: "Neither is the Man without the Woman, Neither the Woman without the Man" (Lolly & Russell Osguthorpe)
4. Two talks given about preparing our children so that when they enter the MTC it is a review not a revelation - (this topic taken by Sister Beck's talk in General Conference last November.) Can't remember the names of the speakers but both were excellent and interesting - worth watching while your children are young.

What happened on Sunday

1. How would the church function without the Relief Society sisters and their expert cooking skills!!!! Yes, we have requests for quite a lot of food in the next few weeks (thanks to all the lovely sisters who happily accepted assignments for Enrichment on Friday - had we known we were going to be asking for cooking for several other things we wouldn't have done food for Enrichment!)
a. Our Ward has to provide food for the Family History day at the Stake Centre on August 2nd. If you are happy to help please let Rachael know - soup, sandwiches or slices.
b. Next Sunday we all need to bring a plate of sandwiches for soup and sandwiches after church.
c. Coming up in August it's our turn again for Zone Conference so once again we are looking for people willing to provide food.
d. As a presidency we so appreciate your willingness to provide food on so many occasions and especially for the service food you provide to families in the Ward.
2. Sister Betty talked about the importance of listening to good music and the blessings music can be in our lives. Her comments were taken from a talk in the Church News given by Elder Nelson and if you would like to read that article just contact Sister Diana.
3. Piret as always presented an interesting lesson from Teachings of Presidents of the Church. - the organisation and destiny of the true and living church. She is a skilled teacher and presents each lesson differently. We talked about the responsbility we each have to strengthen the church and to do our part in building the kingdom of God. "Brethren and sisters, be faithful, be diligent, contend earnestly for the faith..let every man, woman and child realise the importance of the work and act as if success depended on his individual exertion alone."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Service Craft Enrichment Activity Group

Wish we had a photo to go with this post but sadly we don't. Just wanted to let everyone know of the fabulous job the sisters who meet at Sister Yvonnie's home once a month on a Tuesday to share lunch and make/create things to help others, do. (Wow, that was a long-winded sentence! Probably not grammatically correct - sorry all you english experts!) This month they met and organised 30 meals to be put in the freezer to help sisters in need over the coming winter months. What a great idea Yvonnie and thank you so much for organising such a worthwhile service activity. A wonderful efforts from all those involved. THANK YOU.

Quilting with Wendy

The keen group of quilters are back at it again on Thursday evening under the expert assistance of Wendy. This week we are starting a star quilt (thanks Tanya for the pattern and idea)and of course Wendy has already whipped up a few of them to show us all the different ways we can make our quilts. Check out one of Wendy's star quilts.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It's got to be more than a coincidence that in Sacrament Meeting today there were talks about the Word of Wisdom and then this month's Ensign also has an article about the Word of Wisdom. The Lord always organises things so that we are reminded often regarding those principles that can bless our lives each day, when we choose to follow them.

What happened on Sunday

Not of lot of new things to report this week. Check last week's "What happened on Sunday" for everything that is coming up. We had lots of lovely visitors (some of our regular visitors also) today and we hope they felt welcome.

We discovered that Kathryn will be leaving us shortly to live in Queensland but hopefully she has a couple more Sundays with us. She is interested in getting rid of some of her stuff before she goes so if you are interested in anything, please contact her.

Sister Yvonnie's Service Craft Enrichment Activity cooked 30 small main dishes that are now frozen ready to help sisters in need. What a great activity. Thank you so much.

I ended up looking after a wandering toddler during the lesson time so I can't give you information regarding the lesson - Jill taught today and I heard that it was a good one! Apart from that I can't give you any details but you could read Chapter 10 of Teachings of Presidents of the Church entitled 'Prayer and Personal Revelation' if you would like to be spiritually uplifted.

We are also excited about Kristy being called as a Relief Society Teacher - yeah!! It will be great to hear from her regularly. Don't forget Kristy there are lots of grandmas and aunties to help you out with Julia!

Monday, July 7, 2008

What happened on Sunday

1. It was great to see Erin and Leah back from their overseas holiday - they looked great and obviously had a wonderful time!!! Lucky them!
2. It was lovely having the young women with us briefly, 'the oldies' in Relief Society are almost getting the hang of the young womens theme!!!
3. We sang happy birthday to June, Lyn and Bek.
4. Enrichment Meeting will be held on Friday 25 July, 6.30 pm at the Chapel.
5. Family History week is coming up early in August - see Brother Keith for more details.
6. We farewelled Sister June who is leaving this week to head up the north-west coast to live closer to family. We will miss her and are so grateful for her talents and dedication that have been a great asset to us in Relief Society.
7. We had a visiting teaching minute with Sister Barbara who went through the message for July - interesting one!
8. Miriam led us in a discussion regarding the meaning of the Sacrament. She spoke about the passover. We were asked to think about what we can do to meet President Prebble's challenge to take a few minutes on a Saturday evening to prepare to partake worthily of the Sacrament on the sabbath. We discussed the need to have a pure heart, clean hands. Several scripture passages were read including Mark 14:20-25 and 1 Corinthians 11:27-30. Ways we can prepare might include:-
a. listening to uplifting music
b. going through the Preach My Gospel checklist for developing Christlike attributes
c. looking at goals we have set and seeing what areas we need to improve on
d. repenting.
9. Several sisters shared their testimonies to conclude our meeting.

Winter Christmas Party Playgroup

Our winter Christmas party was lots of fun. Many thanks to Evelynne who warmed us at her open fire and decorated her lounge room with fairy lights and a Christmas tree. She let the babies chew on her Fisher Price nativity scene, and tolerated all the crumbs on her carpet with true grace. You are a champion Ev!

We watched a children’s video adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ book “The Snowman” and then we ate yummy food: Kristy made the most amazing stripy jelly we’ve ever seen and Lindy’s star-on-a-stick biscuits were a huge hit with the toddlers, who asked for more when they ran out.
It was a bit cold and windy outside, so the artificial snow activity was brief (we used finely ground water saving crystals) but the plum pudding and custard went well with the weather. To compliment the season the kids made little snowmen out of polystyrene balls, twigs, felt and toothpicks. We used odd baby socks for beanies!

Thankyou so much to all of you who support the playgroup activities, I wonder what we’ll do next…

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yes, it's Enrichment Meeting time again

Click on image to make it more readable

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Playgroup Activity

Evelynne had a fantastic idea for this week’s Rosny Ward Playgroup (a Rosny Ward Relief Society activity):

A Christmas party!!

We’ll even serve warm plum pudding & custard to match the winter weather.

Date: Thursday, July 3, 2008

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Where: Evelynne's place

There will be fun Christmas activities and games... and maybe even a little surprise!
Everyone welcome! We need rough numbers though so please RSVP.
Please bring a plate of food to share.
Also if you have any Christmas story books / DVD's please bring those too.

Hope to see you there!

Miriam Norman