Friday, November 27, 2009

A Change is in the air...

Sisters we have a few new faces to welcome into our Relief Society callings, and some sisters to thanks for their devoted service.

Sisters Barbara and Josefine have been released as our Visiting Teaching Supervisor and Assistant.  We thank them for the help they have been in organising and following up with our Visiting Teaching assignments.  Without their time and talents this program would not run smoothly.

Sister Josefine has been called to serve as an assistant secretary and as such will be responsible for delivering the flower and missionary meal rosters, meeting and activity notices and invitations during RS time, and keeping our notice boeard up to date.  Please see sister Josefine if you need help with these.

We have three new teachers to welcome.  Sisters Adelaide, Alison and Anne C. have been called as teachers in RS.  We are very grateful to have these positions filled.
Sister Sadie will continue teaching our 2nd sunday classes, sister Alison will teach our 3rd sunday classes, sister Adelaide will teach our 4th sunday classes and sister Anne C. will be our relief teacher and substitute teaching each sunday lesson as needed.

Sisters Dawn and Zanny have been called as our new Visiting Teaching Supervisor and Assistant.  Sister Dawn will be in charge of coordinating the Visiting Teaching list with Rachael, and sister Zanny will be receiving reports from each of you regarding your monthly visits.
Please make sure you remember to tell sister Zanny your report for each month so she does not have to chase you.  This would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any concerns or needs to pass on regarding your visiting teaching, please see sister Dawn or Rachael.  We value the information we receive from you. As a Presidency we cannot visit everyone so you are our eyes and ears.

Thank you sisters for accepting your new callings, we look forward to serving with you all.

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